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  1. I don’t always feel the need for an implant, but when I do…I prefer to head off planet…straight to Mars, home of the original wide screen implanting station.

    I know it’s old school to head off planet for an implanting, but you can’t beat the experienced staff. They’ve been around for eons…literally.

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    • Off planet implanting is off source, squirrel, out tech, and a HIGH CRIME. The Martians Orgs are squirrel and refuse to sign a CSI license and pay up. OSA has fired off a mission to Mars to slam COB’s harsh ethics into these Martians CICS.

      Any Scientologist in good standing caught engaging in off planet implanting will be beaten, declared an SP, re-beaten, re-declared as SP 47x, and then burned at the stake in Flag Land Base.

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      • This will be disturbing news to Elon Musk. Next you’ll be telling me my Van Allen Belt Purification needs to be redone as well.


  2. This post is highly suspect. There are all these pretty pictures of Scientology Implanting Stations but no addresses. What’s up with that? On the official Scientology website, it is possible to find addresses and contact info for the tens of thousands of Ideal Field Groups, Ideal Missions, Ideal Orgs, Ideal Advanced Orgs, and Ideal Flag Ships scattered around in every populated area of the Planet. In addition, on the official Scientology website, it is easy to find contact info for COB RTC Mr. Cap’n David Miscavige, President of the Church of Scientology, ED Int, Senior C/S, Scientology Spokespeople, International Justice Chief, etc. In fact, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to find out who’s who on any Org Board of any Org in the world. These are updated constantly so the unwashed masses can find their way to the Bridge to Total Freedom and get washed up.

    Even with all these resources readily available, I am with whostolemycog. I always prefer kicking it old school and going off planet for my implanting. There’s just nothing like it.

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    • I wrote my comment this morning when I was half asleep. I hadn’t yet downed my morning vitamins with Cal-Gag chaser so I ommitted some vital info that is available to all on the official Scientology website. In addition to the resources I mentioned, there are many tens of thousands of Ideal businesses and business people listed on the Ideal WISE membership roles. Lest we forget there are also many thousands of Ideal Shadowy Front Groups as well as Ideal Volunteer Minister vans, humvees, helicopters, tug boats, skows, mobile touch assist mobiles, etc. Not only that there are also Ideal Red Flier Wagons issued to every VM so they can easily tote untold numbers of The Way To Happiness booklets to reduce crime and induce bliss in any neighborhood. In short Scientology is a very cool religion that is fully transparent and ready, willing and able to service any wog or Scientologist recycling their way thru the Bridge for the umteenth time.

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    • What’s with with all the natter? It’s like all of the natterers in Natterville showed up today.

      The implanting station addresses are confidential because we in RTC don’t want wog law enforcement agencies showing up when Scientologists disappear for years at a time. What we in Scientology do with our implanted Manchurian Candidates is no one’s business.

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      • I thought that natter was the highest form of communication. At least it is on this officially sanctioned SP blog http://natterblog.com/
        I know that you in RTC are way over worked, but I’m surprised you don’t have a link for it on this fine website.

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