A Scientology OT VIII Goes Shopping

3 responses to “A Scientology OT VIII Goes Shopping

  1. Let this be a lesson to all OT’s on the dangers of not redoing their Purif and Objectives using the formidable technological breakthroughs found in GAT II.

    Had Marty McWhale redone his GAT II Purif and Objectives, which besides having had him ready for OT IX & X, he would have gained the ability to use LRH’s most advanced comm tech resulting in stores reopening at his command intention.

    Don’t ever get locked out of a store again!! GAT II – for the shopper in you!!

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  2. Is he like, channeling his his early training, where he yelled at an ashtray in a chair?

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  3. COB sent this guy out to buy big dildos to be sent to SP women. This is an important ecclesiastical mission! That is why the guy is so excited when he can’t buy the dildos!

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