Scientologist Zeke Manson Goes Clear


Talk about speed up the Bridge! Right on the heels of becoming Super Power Completion #3000, Scientologist Zeke Manson attested to the State of Clear today at Flag.

Sez Zeke, “I no have my reactive mind! Did you hear that? Ack me goddammit! I have #NO BANK @Flag and am #NO LONGER MOCKING UP MY REACTIVE MIND!

“I am a #KEYED OUT CLEAR and ready to do #OT PREPS.

The only thing is this: the #SUPER CREEPY STATUES IN THE FLAG BLDG are freaky and look like #KILLER FUCKIN’ MARCABS!


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  1. I know…you’re looking at Zeke thinking, “How did this guy afford to go clear?”

    Easy…Zeke attended a “Flourish and Prosper” seminar on the MV Freewinds. He is now at cause over properity. If Zeke can muster up $100k, why can’t you?

    Get your sorry ass to Flag, whether you can afford it or not. Anything less is CI provable bullshit.

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