Super Power Completion #3000


OT VIII Zeke Manson of Vancouver, Washington is Super Power completion #3000.

Sez Zeke Staley, “WOW WOW WOW! This Super Power is the supercharged shit! I was POW! having cogs every 2.8 seconds!!!

“I lost my bowels and bladder when perceptic 47 opened. It was like @WOW! I was needing me a new Purif jumpsuit asap cause it was one hot savage mess in that course room!!!!!! Preclears with no confront on my MEST were blowing left and right!

“But I didn’t ridge cuz it was just SHAMWOW! I cognited that I needed to do OT III again and again and again until I was flat on the 76 planets because what’s true for me dude is that there were only 47 planets involved! Can’t you see it man? 47!

“47, 47, 47, and I’m loving me some hot little COB in the Super Power men’s showers, my own Pope on a rope!!!

“I was blowing huge chunks of charge here on Super Power!!!

“All you need to do is arrive at Flag and the rest is @WOOOO HOOOO! the fully hatted and grooved in Flag staff takes care of the rest! And if you’re sec-checked don’t ridge if they ask if you’ve ever stuck a rat up yer ass! It’s just the Senior C/S fuckin’ witcha with the murder routine. Whadda douchebag that guy is!!!”

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