Scientology Actor Juliette Lewis Named 2016 OT Goodwill Ambassador

Scientology Actor Juliette Lewis Named 2016 OT Goodwill Ambassaor!


In addition to being a famous actor, Juliette Lewis is also is a famous OT singing sensation:



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  1. I think you in RTC are jumping the gun by making Ms. Lewis 2016 OT Goodwill Ambassador. Geeesh, it’s still 2015 and there are so many opportunities for other distinctive OTs to shine as they spread the gospel of Scientology throughout this sector of the gaLAXey in 2016.

    I have to say that I really find Ms. Lewis’ provocative pose in her yellow pantaloons very attractive. She must be trawling for Narconon students with her ‘heroin chic, emaciated body mock-up’. That’s sure to bring her a few extra bucks in FSM commissions to be passed on to the IAS for humanitarian purposes.

    I think the YouTube video is a farce. Ms. Lewis certainly can’t be manifesting the conditions she is pretending to be upset about, being OT and all. But, even if the video isn’t fake, she can always do the PTS/SP Course, (AGAIN). She can get some review auditing (AGAIN). She can chat with her Ethics Officer (AGAIN). And, if all else fails (which it won’t cuz the Tech is 100% workable, 100% of the time) she can see her favorite IAS Registrar and ‘up her status’ (AGAIN). If that doesn’t make her feel better I don’t know what will. Then again, ‘up her status’ might be what that yellow pantaloon pose is all about.

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