Scientologist Jenna Elfman’s Performance in “Youth for Human Rights” Wins Fraudie Award


Scientologist Jenna Elfman successfully lined the Church of Scientology’s pockets with $10,000 when she successfully scammed Legoland California by representing an apparently noble group named Youth for Human Rights.

What Elfman apparently failed to tell Legoland was that “Youth for Human Rights” was a phony Scientology front group. Ooops! Elfman’s scam, really part of her cruel joke, was that “human rights” do not exist inside the Church of Scientology or any of it’s phony front groups.

Elfman played a perfect scam: A bait and switch con that left the victim so embarrassed that it will not report this matter to the authorities. Indeed, Legoland management today attempted to sweep this sordid matter under the carpet and move on with life.

For her A+ cultic connivance and epic scammery, the American Fraud and Scam Practitioners Society, a social betterment group of the Church of Scientology which encourages and rewards the creative and innovation in Scientology fundraising, has awarded Elfman its highly coveted “Fraudie” award.

Past winners of the Fraudie include Sea Org Captain Stayta Kleer, inventor of the shiny and ornate IAS trophies given in exchange for free money from IAS members.

VWD Jenna!

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  1. Every time I see a wog parent taking a small human meat body (SHMB) to one of these “theme parks” it makes me sick to my stomach. Each day the parents of these SHMBs dole out millions of dollars to institutions that provide nothing of value to society other than a place for these SHMBs to frolic and play while the parents numb their minds with alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. If the parents of these “little fuckers” (an ecclesiastical term of art) had the good sense to donate this money to the ideal org campaign and enroll these small beasts into the Sea Org, planetary clearing would become a reality.
    I am sure the executives of this wog theme park are now laughing at the gullibility of Jenna Elfman who settled for a mere 10 grand when the following day they donated over 90,000 dollars to the suppressive local government by paying a tax penalty rather engaging in the ecclesiastical practice of scorched earth litigation to handle suppression.

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