Forwarding Enemy Lines

David Miscavige is an extremist and self‐promoter who has used bigotry and false allegations about Psychiatry to create an environment of hate. His career is based around attacking Psychiatry, swindling others, and impersonating a military leader.

Scientology’s book are full of errors. For example, critics debunked the Piltown Man myth decades ago and yet L. Ron Hubbard published it as truth. Compounding this error is the fact that David Miscavige sells such books for money — thereby forfeiting his claim as the so-called “COB RTC” wherein he claims to ensure the purity of the Scientology religion; how can Scientology said to be pure when it is awash in sophistry, old wives tales, and glaring and dangerous errors about everything from radiation to purification to volcanoes that did not exist 75,000,000 years ago?

In his desperate neediness for publicity, Miscavige opens empty Ideal Orgs wherein he regurgitates the same dull and bloviating speeches awash in the  drooling, vacuous, and  idiotic cliches of Danny Sherman.  The lying jackal Miscavige also uses heavily-photoshopped images of himself to hide his true hideousness and state of putrefaction from his  obsequious and groveling worshipers such as the weak-minded thespian Tom Cruise.

Mr. Miscavige is said by those close to him to smell like a decaying corpse; he is very likely one of the undead. Hence, his need to drink the blood and consume the flesh of his human victims. For these and other reasons, the loathsome and pumpkin-headed Mr. Miscavige  needs to move on with life and stop obsessively blaming Psychiatry and former Church members for the disasters he himself has created by his staggering mismanagement, bad temper, and utter incompetence.

Concerning the claims regarding Mrs. Shelly Miscavige, the wife of the Church’s ecclesiastical leader, the fact is that Mr. Miscavige locked her away years ago as is his prerogative as an ecclesiastical leader. Mrs. Miscavige signed legal documents agreeing that she needed to be religiously imprisoned for the purposes of spiritual rehabilitation.

The Church of Scientology remains committed to its patently phony religious, social and humanitarian missions — all cynical ruses designed to swindle as much money from the gullible as possible.

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  1. I hate to be the guy piling on but I hear the current conditions of the men’s and women’s restrooms at all implant stations are is very poor shape. No toilet paper, full waste baskets and a lingering odor not of this Earth are being reported. Leadership is a quality that starts at the top and works its way down. Sorry Captain.

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    • Ivan, we got your KR on the offending restrooms and have ordered them destroyed along with the staff members who were OUT KRC (KRC = Keeping Restrooms Clean).

      KRC is based upon making it well known and well publicized that KRC is BYOTP: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper. It is out exchange for Orgs to provide the restroom facilities and also the toilet paper. We in the Church of Scientology are willing to meet people halfway: Here is the restroom; you must pay for your own toilet paper.

      One: Having the correct technology of restroom cleaning.
      Two: Knowing the technology of restroom cleaning.
      Three: Knowing it is correct.
      Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology of restroom cleaning.
      Five: Applying the technology of restroom cleaning.
      Six: Seeing that the technology restroom cleaning is correctly applied.
      Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology of restroom cleaning.
      Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications of restroom cleaning.
      Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology of restroom cleaning.
      Ten: Men may not use a “wide stance” in a restroom stall, this to avoid the appearance of 1.1 cruising as happened with former US Senator Larry Craig.

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      • I will continue to send my used tooth brushes to the Hollywood Celebrity Center in hope that they lead to cleaner Scientology toilets every where. Knowing that one of my cast off tooth brushes may one day end up in the hands of Jenna Elfman warms my heart.
        In defense of former Sen. Craig, the average Idaho restroom stall is 7.42 inches wider that those at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. He has made that point quite clear in his Grinder profile.

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  2. As you are aware by now, this site has been hacked by angry, bitter, defrocked apostates intent on causing ruination of mankind’s only salvation. The desperation you see here only reflects how close we are to clearing this prison planet of all SP’s, 1.1’s, and homo-saps.

    Ken Delusion formally lodged a complaint to the UN denouncing this vile form of religious terrorism. “This morning the COS was brutally attacked by psych terrorists who hacked the official RTC web site. This terror attack resulted in violent restims and freewheeling for millions of devout Scientologists across the globe. Our Impossible Missions Team of crack Volunteer Ministers are parachuting in to provide global assistance.

    Delusion continued, “At this time of an unspeakable human crisis and unimaginable Hill 10 flapping flaps, we don’t need clothes, food, shelter or first aid. What we need are huge cargo planes filled up with the Basics, Congresses, and Special Edition E-meters to be air dropped on those suffering across the globe. We ask the entire world to join with us by donating generously to the UN Religious Tolerance Fund c/o Church of Scientology account #1952 – Grand Cayman Bank.”

    Stay tuned to the OT Emergency Network. Further communications will be imparted through telepathic OT Channels only.

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    • Captain wholestolemycog is granted the status of Ka Kahn for stepping in to avert disaster when a) this site had been hijacked by the Psychs, and b) We in RTC were all locked in an implanting station restroom that was knee-deep in the foulest of alien effluvia. Honest to Pete it was worse than jalapeno night at a colostomy bag convention. COB will be taking to the airwaves Friday night Oct 30 @ 10:00PM EST to explain what happened and why heroic donations must be made now to avert future disasters.

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  3. The relief effort is under way!!


    Mobile Entheta Decontamination & Sec-Check Units in the first drop across WUS.

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  4. Silly SP’s Captain David ” let him die” Miscavige is a genius. Empty Orgs require no upkeep. Staff/slaves can use the bathroon at the near by gas station. See? No need for TP.

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