Church of Scientology Wishes Jewish People a Happy Rush Havana


We in the Church of Scientology wish Jewish people a happy Rush Havana.

Although we know virtually nothing about Judaism, we in Scientology have been told that Rush Havana is some sort of important Jewish holiday where people sit around and eat and kvetch.

As our free gift to the Jewish people, we invite you to drop by your nearest Scientology Ideal Org to receive a free personality test. This test will tell you why Jews — and all other wogs — are neurotic and have deep-seated personal problems.

The answer is the reactive mind.  The good news is that Scientology can erase the reactive mind for as little as $1,250,000 + IAS Status fees.

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  1. What is to prevent them from taking to the internets to find out Rush Havana is the result of a Target Two implant station which filled their reactive mind with sludge? With this confidential information exposed for free by our enemies, we’re out the million bucks and unable to reduce our overstocked inventory of certificates and trophies!! .

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