Ethics Issue: Jenna and Bodhi Elfman

techWe in RTC are incensed by the profane and sexually explicit  YouTube videos made by Bodhi and Jenna Elfman. Sexually explicit and vulgar talk in public is conduct unbecoming a Clear. Therefore, the Clear certificates of Jenna and Bodhi Elfman are hereby cancelled.

The OUT PR conduct and videos of Jenna and Bodhi Elfman are violative of the high moral standards of the Church of Scientology.

Jenna Elfman @15:26 – “I’d blow a horse to be able to sit around all day and watch Netflix…”

Using the “F word” and talking about blowjobs and blowing a horse after letting the world know they have attained OT states is not acceptable.  Therefore, all certificates above Clear for Bodhi and Jenna Elfman are also hereby cancelled.

Return Program for Jenna and Bodhi Elfman:

1.  Jenna and Bodhi must redo their entire Bridge at their own expense.

2. Jenna and Bodhi must make a monumental and heroic donation to the IAS to make up for the horrific damage done they have done to the group.

3. Jenna and Bodhi must cease their public vulgarity so as not to further harm the spotless ethical reputation of the Church of Scientology.

If this conduct persists, Jenna and Bodhi Elfman will be declared Type III and ordered onto the Introspection Rundown by the Sr. C/S Int.  Needless to say, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige is not amused.

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  1. Such a disgusting display of overts, She should also have to do the 2-d section of the False Purpose Rundown, and create 5 other youtube accounts talking about the out ethics of blow jobs.


    • The reputation of COB and the Church have been heavily damaged by these Elfman Overts!

      First action for Jenna and Bodhi is to report to Qual and clay demo “Good PR for the Church” and “Bad PR for the Church.”

      Jenna must clay demo to show why “Blowing a horse to watch Netflix all day” is Out PR.

      2D section of FPRD
      Sec Checks
      Amends cycles
      O/W write ups
      GAT II Purif


  2. Joking aside, I find it hard to believe this is OK with the church but I guess money & celebrity status buys anything these days. It is in extreme distaste and the fact that they put this on social media easily accessed by children is highly irresponsible. Regardless of whether they are SCN’s or not.


    • I agree. Their children were probably the third people to see it after they were told by their friends that their mom and dad were talking about his flaccid penis on YouTube.


  3. Both Ethics Particules need to undergo the Joburg Sec Check three times in secession while being whipped with wet noodles!


    • The Joburg Sec Check is squirrel tech. There is some question about whether the checkee has ever had unkind thoughts about Mary Sue Hubbard. A careful check of COS records has revealed that no such person ever was a member, and that Source never had a wife.

      Even more disturbing, this Sec Check doesn’t have a single question about whether the checkee has had suppressive thoughts or heard suppressive data about COB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can a Scientology Sec Check not investigate the most vilest, most treacherous crimes imaginable?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I too am appalled by Ms. Elfman’s use of the word ‘blowjob’ in a public forum. Apparently she is completely out of touch with reality and doesn’t know that the preferred vernacular in the Church of Scientology is ‘cocksucker’. The use of the word cocksucker is much more COB-like and does not restimulate ‘out-2D’ thoughts like the word blowjob does. Shame on her. I hope she is able to work through her program and get back in the good graces of the Church. She should be on her knees begging COB for forgiveness. She is in a wonderful position to ‘up her status’ if you know what I mean.


  5. Otviiigrrr8! Go to cramming! I, for one, being a mere Lowly OTVIII, not one of the Big Being Status of these two, really appreciated hearing about their sex life with kids. My husband has no trouble keeping it up with noise emanating from outside and I can remain raring to go. This only proves how much case gain we yet have to go to reach full Big Being Status such as these two. My husband is routing into Flag TODAY to get more auditing and gain more free theta and get rid of his hard on. Thank you Jenna and Bodhi. I bow to your Big Beingness – Na nasty.


    • Srsly, is it part of the upper OT levels that you speak with your mouth full? Gross. 2nd Scientology video to show that. I sometimes wait to eat lunch until 2-3 in the afternoon if there appointments scheduled, and aleays push any food I am eating to the side because I consider it rude to even eat in front of a client or possible client (unless we are sharing a meal).

      I guess I missed the ecclesiastical training when I was in Scientology which said “manners are no longer required, profanity is.”


  6. I have heard rumor that “have you ever wanted to blow a horse” is now part of the newly discovered lost Joburg sec check tech. Can you confirm or deny that Mr. Grrrrr8?


    • Actually, four questions are part of COB’s newly discovered lost Joburg sec check:

      1. Have you ever wanted to blow a horse?

      2. Have you ever blown a horse this lifetime?

      3. Have you ever blown a horse on the wholetrack?

      4. Have you ever blown horses on the wholetrack?


  7. Less sexy (literally ) but these big beings can’t remember people’s names? No perfect recall here. Bodhi admits he has a bad memory. Bad pr for OT results !


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