The Scientology Interfaith Project Presents Evangelist Johathon Bell

Crusading.OTsWe in the Church of Scientology recently had our girl Sylvia Stanard speak at an interfaith gathering. Sylvia’s soul-stirring speech at Chautauqua has been acclaimed for excellence in religious truth-telling.

In the spirit of Ecumenism, then, we in the Church of Scientology are pleased to offer our stage to Christian evangelist Jonathon Bell.

We selected Mr. Bell as our Interfaith speaker as we feel he best embodies and personifies the Tone Level of the Church of Scientology in 2014:

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  1. Overcoming depression and oppression.
    SATAN wants your mind and soul.

    Overcoming depression and oppression.
    SCIENTOLOGY wants your mind and soul.

    We all know what he is referring to. This guy should be declared!!!


  2. Oh where did you find this guy? I can tell he’s one of those preachers who rails up and down about gays when he secretly wants to be one.


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