Scientology Needs Bureaucrats

Captain Mike “Napoleon of Bonaire” Napier and Commanding Officer Sharron Weber

“Sea Org bureaucrats who conduct routine staff brainwashing perform a vital function within Scientology,” explained Dr. Hubbard.

“Outsiders think of Scientology as a sinister and vindictive revenge-driven organization and we are very much that way,” Dr. Hubbard stated. “But of equal importance is the dull, mundane, cruel, and mind-numbingly repetitive regimen of punishingly intense brainwashing of staff and public into mindless and obedient robots.”

“The robotism which occurs within Scientology is of supreme importance and we call it OT to make Scientologists feel better about their pathetic and soul-crushing acquiescence to command intention. We in Scientology would rather have you dead than self-aware.”

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