Congresswoman Karen Bass is a Bigot and Hater Who Attacked Scientology!

The bigoted and hateful attacks upon the Scientology religion have now become a cancer in Los Angeles politics!

Congresswoman Karen Bass was baited by her opponent Herr Reinhard Caruso into condemning Scientology.

And yet when she was a nobody in 2010 and COB helped this local losing politico, she took all of his money and even spoke at his podium at Pac Base where she praised Scientology and its works.

The godawful filth in Los Angeles is why Scientologists are saying hasta la vista baby! and fleeing to Clearwater like injured zygotes.

Is it no wonder we Scientologists want to annex Clearwater as our own just like the Russians want to annex the Donbass?

The madman and wholetrack suppressive Mark Parry-Maddocks has used this cause de la controverse to engage in his trademark joking and degrading:

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  1. Si tu avais passé plus de temps à vérifier tes mots en français, tu réaliserais que c’est «une cause de controverse». Cependant, je te remercie profondément d’avoir fait de mon photoshop une sorte de «cause célèbre». 😊


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