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  1. OK, I read the fine print here and I think this posting is absolute bullshit. Right under the price listing it says: “FREE Returns”. Surely everyone knows that we Scientologists never allow FREE Returns or any returns at all for that matter. This offer is a scam. One is always better off going straight to the Source of all Theta-ish MEST goods and getting those goods from one of the many local Ideal Orgs that exist in just about every town and village in even the most remote locations on this Planet. If you get your MEST from one of these Book Store Officers you are assured that the goods are properly marked up way over the manufacturing cost so that you will automatically be In Exchange with the Church.

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  2. Made by Sea Org child slave labor! Quality guaranteed! If the gloves you buy are not satisfactory, COB promises to personally beat the slaves who made the gloves!

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