Tom Cruise Top Gun 2: Botox Malfunction!

“Even with his head temporarily swollen by a Botox malfunction, Maverick is readying Top Gun 2 for a theatrical release in the next few years,” said assistant second unit apple box manager Ken Delusion.

“In an attempt to reduce the size of his swollen head, Tom Cruise is doing several flights while strapped to an F-15,” Delusion noted. “The 5G force is reducing the swelling a little with each flight. This is how dedicated Mr. Cruise is to handling the hell out of his Botox head malfunction.”

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  1. I don’t believe a word of this false report!!! Tom Cruise is a dedicated in-Ethics, in-KSW Scientologist. He would never use botox because it is a drug pushed on celebrities by Big Pharma and SMERSH. Tom is a Big Being and would only use the Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and somewhat modified by Mr. Capt’n COB RTC David ‘GAT II’ Miscavige. Mega doses of All Blend Oil chased down by a tall, cool, refreshing glass of Cal-Gag would handle any inflammation (not induced by botox) Mr. Cruise might be experiencing. Or, maybe he just needs to get rid of that black turtleneck sweater that might be too tight and causing head swelling.

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