Scientologist Grant Cardone Exposed: The Son of Charles Manson

We in RTC do not approve of Scientologists using Tik Tok as all sorts of strange entities and implants can turn on and take over one’s body. The only safe place to engage in this sort of thing is in session at Flag:

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  1. Ok, I hate to admit it but I love the way that internet technology provides the opportunity for Operating Thetans like Mr. Cardone to share their wins and Success Stories with the rest of the world (that doesn’t mean that I’m tossing my Telex Machine!!!). It makes it obvious to everyone that Scientology has what everyone wants and this is why our Ideal Orgs are bursting at the seams with raw meat public demanding services. I mean, who wouldn’t want to emulate Mr. Cardone? He is what OT is all about.

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