David Miscavige Lashes Out; Tells Karen Bass to Stop Blaming Her Political Image Problems on Scientology

Scientology leader and humanitarian David Miscavige lashed out at Rep. Karen Bass and told her to stop blaming her political image problems on her having made a speech at a Scientology event in 2010.

Miscavige claimed that Bass sent his office over 50 e-mails asking for an invitation to speak at the event. Miscavige said the Church didn’t understand as the new Ideal Org wasn’t even in Karen Bass’ district.

“Karen Bass knows Scientology is wildly popular and is a big deal,” Miscavige stated. “She knows that we have Tom Cruise and other celebrities. Bass was a local pol, a nobody back then. She wanted to bask in Scientology’s limelight so we let her come to speak at our event even though it was outside our district. We just wanted to help her and now look at how she’s repaid our favor!”

“Karen Bass has made an unfounded and lurid claim that Scientology has been ‘exposed’ in books and documentaries! All she’s doing is repeating the language of the haters in the wog media who write sensationalist books and make false movies about Scientology in order to make money!”

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    • Rep. Karen Bass was the keynote speaker at the opening of both the Havana and Pyongyang Ideal Orgs. And again, she besieged COB’s office with hundreds of e-mails asking to be a speaker at these grand openings. Bass wanted to rub elbows with COB’s BFF’s El Jeffe and Kim Jung Un.

      But now that some old Psych-drug-loving politico named Joe Biden is considering Bass for the Veep slot she has changed her tune. Bass now has to pander to the Illuminati and Big Pharma that back Biden. Suddenly, Bass has to make Scientology “exposed” and “bad” when all COB ever did was to give her help as he has a strong help flow.

      Bass was very glad when COB gifted her with a life-saving leather-bound copy of Dianetics. But now she acts like COB is the bad guy.

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      • It sounds to me like Ms. Bass was well on her way up The Bridge to Total Freedom at one time and hanging out with some of this planets finest Beings. I suspect that somewhere along the line she became PTS or didn’t make it through the Non-Interference Zone. Most likely the latter. If she would have gone through the Wall of Fire and handled that 4th Dynamic engram she would surely be well on her way to whatever menial wog job she desired such as a lawyer, sleazy PI, telemarketer, etc. Or she could have joined the Sea Organization and moved up the ranks to be a very special OSA goon. Ms. Bass needs to get back on lines and keep moving and donating her way to Total Spiritual Freedom. She also needs to apologize to COB for being a meanie.


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