Danny Masterson Convinces Ghislaine Maxwell to Turn to Scientology for Help

Scientologist Danny Masterson convinced Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghishlaine Maxwell to turn to the Church of Scientology for help. “I can relate to Ghislaine,” said Masterson. “We’ve both been arrested and accused of very serious felonies. Scientology is helping me deal with it.”

“Danny calls Ghislaine in jail several times a day,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion. “The two talk about everything from engrams to criminal defense strategies. Right now, Ghislaine is reading Dianetics and, like Charles Manson did in the early 1960’s, she’s getting some jailhouse auditing from a fellow Scientologist inmate named Jay Spina.”

“Jay’s doing hard time for an $80 million Medicare fraud,” Delusion noted. “And with Danny Masterson looking at 45-to-life, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige is working with the US Bureau of Prisons to ensure that Danny Masterson and Jay Spina can be cellies. That’s how much COB cares.”


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  1. Those Scientology Celebs!!! Always there with selfless acts of unsolicited kindness to help each other whenever the need arises. I’m betting Danny steps up his game and introduces Ms. Maxwell to His old friend Laura Prepon so that she can get the inside skinny on what the phrase “orange is the new black” really means (using Stand Word Clearing Tech and Clay Demos). Of course Danny will retain all rights to FSM commissions so he has pocket change for cigarettes and “special favors” while he is setting up a new GAT II Criminon program in the Big House.

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    • Ms. B. Haven comes up with a prison Battle Plan for Danny Masterson — and one that is at the correct orders of magnitude as it includes setting up a Criminon in the big house. We in RTC can now offload Masterson onto Criminon as the Celebrity Centre was certainly unable to do anything but harbor this criminal use him as Santa in the Christmas plays.

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