We in Scientology Must Find the Hidden SP!

“Who is the hidden SP ratting those particular Scientologists out to the Feds?” Ken Delusion asked. “We know there are leaks about certain of their indiscretions. While we in the Church deny everything, we could conceivably become involved when shit gets real.”

“We’re highly confident that this sordid debacle can be quietly handled with a very large settlement check before any of this gets out of hand and becomes entangled in the whole ugly wog police thing with its indictments, Miranda Rights, arrests, perp walks, and whatnot.”

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    • But we in Scientology have 125 million members and our 115,836 Ideal Orgs are bursting at the seams! How we will ever find some CICS SP hiding in plain sight? We need a robot that sniffs out Suppression!

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