Contrary to Fifth Invader Force Black PR, Scientology Does Not Suck!

Two members of the Fifth Invader Force landed on Earth some months ago in human meat bodies. The demented duo infiltrated Scientology organizations in an attempt at Joking & Degrading and Black PR.

These same two Jokers and Degraders are now operating during night hours. They are using a light projector to flash a message upon Scientology organizations. The message sews mayhem and confusion and causes the unthinking wog public to read “SCIENTOLOGY SUCKS.”

Contrary to this attack by Fifth Invader Force members, Scientology does not suck. Rather, we continue to flourish and prosper as evidenced by our 17,810,227 Ideal Orgs scattered across the fifteen continents of this planet.

Scientology’s newest Ideal Org on the sunken continent of Lemuria is now accessible by submarine service on alternate Tuesdays. Some say that the Lemurian vibe there is astonishing.

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  1. I am a former member of Scientology and a new member of Scientology Sucks. Scientology Sucks is awesome! We party all day and don’t pay taxes! Woo-hoo, Scientology Sucks!!!!


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