The Church of Scientology Declares War on Downtown Clearwater!

“Everyone hates we in Scientology these days,” exclaimed Church spokesman Ken Delusion. “That’s why COB’s new strategy is ‘fuck em!‘ We in Scientology are going back to the good ol’ Guardians Office days of psycho-terrorism, burglaries, stalking, and Fair Game. This is what works and this is what LRH called for in his policies! We’re returning to our roots and what made Scientology work in the first place!”

“Scientology: We’re not a ‘turn the other cheek’ religion. That’s why LRH said to his disciples, “Fair Game the fuckers!”

“The War is Back On! We’ll own all of Downtown Clearwater even if we have to spend eleventy billion dollars to do it! No one crosses David Miscavige and gets away with it!” roared Delusion.

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  1. Money and power will always think they rule. Thank God this isn’t true. The loved people rule. Love came before money and this is why this cult will fall. People who are most vulnerable fall into what they think is support and faith. It’s a disconnect which leads to pain and suffering. I’m hoping that even one of these followers know there is help and love rules.


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