David Miscavige Narrowly Escapes the Service of Subpoena!

Thanks to the RTC Flying Car hidden in the bushes near the Hubbard College of Administration, Scientology ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige was able to escape the service of subpoena.

“They’ll never serve me!” Miscavige cackled to the two staff members at the college. With this, he took a knapsack full of cash, a case of Macallan scotch, and a picnic hamper full of A5 Olive Wagyu steak sandwiches.

A short takeoff down Vermont Boulevard and COB was aloft. The wog process server looked on in begrudging admiration; no one had ever escaped being served so brashly or creatively.

Mr. Miscavige was last seen headed east towards the heavily-fortified CST Maginot Line in the San Gabriel mountains.

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  1. Let’s face it, no wog could ever serve process on Mr. COB RTC David Miscavige. The only process COB has anything to do with is a Standard GAT II Scientology Grade Chart Process delivered standardly by a GAT II Class XII auditor trained by COB hisself. The fact is, no wog can do anything to any Scientology OT, Homo Novis, Clear, Theta Clear or Clear Theta Clear cuz these beings are so much at cause they just don’t play by the rules of the MEST Universe.

    What is really going on here is COB is taking a well deserved break and having a fun get-away with Shelly at an CST Base whose location shall be undisclosed at this time so don’t say anything about any San Gabriel Mountains. I am hoping that COB will be able to convince Shelly to quit working so hard and come back into the public eye and stand by her man at the next Ideal Org Grand Opening. She’s been working way too hard all these years and COB must be a bit lonely (well maybe not cuz he’s such a Big Being) but still it would do us Little Beings good to see Shelly’s smiling face again as she busts some balls at Int Base.


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