Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles Unaffected by College Admission Scandal

The Hubbard College of Administration is the Harvard of Scientology. Hundreds of thousands of students clamor to be accepted here each year. 

We at the Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles can unequivocally state that we are 100% unaffected by the college admission scandal.

We consider this to be a form of bigotry and discrimination. What’s wrong? Aren’t we good enough for rich parents like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin to bribe? We think they discriminated against us because we’re Scientologists.

And yet as a Scientology college we’re just like those other dirty colleges. We would gladly take parent’s bribe money to enroll their stupid offspring. Like USC, Stanford, and those other wog colleges we are not above taking bribes. The fact is we love bribes.

Scientology’s Founder L. Ron Hubbard got D’s and F’s in college and that never stopped him from inventing a flying saucer religion that made him billions of dollars. We at Hubbard College teach students to break all the rules to succeed.

All Things Are Possible With Fraud” is our motto at the Hubbard College of Administration.

If your child is getting D’s and F’s in high school why then skip the wog SAT nonsense and write us a check. Suddenly, your underachiever will be on the Honor Roll in no time at all. Your child doesn’t even have to attend classes or do homework to get straight A’s. All that is required is a tuition check each month and a college diploma is guaranteed.

Call us today.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with this article regarding the fantasticness of the Hubbard College of Administration. Dr. Hubbard, as always, is our peerless role model and beacon of Integrity!!! If Dr. Hubbard could obtain a PhD from the stellar Sequoia University after getting just Ds & Fs at George Washington, then we surely can all do the same. I wouldn’t call it bribe money though. I fully Word Cleared *bribe* and also applied Clay Table Tech. With the right attitude and lots of KSW, *bride* is really the same as *donation*.

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  2. It’s always March Madness at Hubbard College, but will the Fighting Thetans make it to the dance this year? You know I’ll be wearing my Pink and Gray Fighting Thetan jersey when they announce the 64 teams.

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  3. The Angry Gay Pope has a video where he visited Hubard College. It is EMPTY which means, per David Miscavige, that it is IDEAL. There is no admissions scandal for Hubbard as no one wants to attend! No one is applying there!


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