Scientology’s Los Angeles Interfaith Coalition Hosts an Event

Concerned members of Scientology’s Interfaith Coalition listen to Ed Parkin drone on interminably about how unfair life is to Scientology.

Scientology’s Ed Parkin droned on at length today to a group of equally dimwitted and boorish rented clergymen who were paid to listen.

“Wog clergyman are easy to dupe,” chuckled Parkin. “If we keep paying them money they’ll all go out and parrot what we in Scientology are saying about bigots and haters.”

“Ed Parkin is such an embarrassing jackass,” nattered Ken Delusion about the ghastly wraith-like leader of the STAND League. “However, we in OSA have to scrape the bottom of the barrel these days. He’s the best we have.”

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