The Great Global Flood Is Coming! Only the Scientology Ark Can Save You!


The forces of Psychiatric Suppression have conspired to create global warming. The oceans are rising and a great global flood will soon destroy everyone.

Everyone that is except those aboard the Scientology Ark!

Berthing is limited to 1,000 First Class cabins. $100,000,000 each.

Only the able need apply.

Please telex to the Scientology Ark Services Office (SASO) in Belgrade for details.

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  1. The Bible plainly tells us the next time He will destroy the world by fire do they think people are that stupid wake up this cult is dangerous


  2. The only floods that scientology is facing are:

    A truth-flood, exposing the abuses and crimes of scientology and COB. Scientology calls it “entheta” but everyone else calls it “facts”.
    A small flood of members going under the radar or leaving.


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