Allison Mack Joins Scientology; Gets NXIVM Repair Auditing

“2019 will be better than ever,” enthused actress Allison Mack from Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

“Scientology helped me realize that NXIVM is a horrible cult and that Keith Raniere is a horrible cult leader. And now I’m doing the NXIVM Repair Rundown at Flag!”

“I want to thank COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige for his help. COB is a real global ecclesiastical leader and a not phony like Keith Raniere. Now if I can get the Bronfman sisters into Scientology everything will be great!”

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  1. Oh, it’s truly heartwarming to see that the woman is seeking REAL Scientological help, in addition to the help with that pesky legal situation she’s currently being persecuted with, is it not?!

    P.S. I would just like to clarify that this comment is extremely sarcastic – if that’s somehow not obvious to anyone who happens to read it

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  2. Her bold suggestion that female Scientologists should be branded with Captain Miscavige’s initials should be very helpful in enforcing discipline!

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  3. Although I am not on staff at Flag, I would certainly be willing to help those NXIVM victims erase the scars of their cult experience. Perhaps a Contact Assist would be in order. Wink, wink, nod, nod…

    Ms. B. Haven

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