Scientologist Don Dissemination Robs Banks to Pay for his Bridge & IAS Statuses


Scientology OT VIII and Premier Luminary Don Dissemination was in a cold sweat. He had just robbed a bank at gunpoint and was fleeing the scene.

The admonition that “OT’s make it go right!” rang in his head. He wondered how much the take would be from this heist. The previous 27 bank robberies had all been extremely lucrative and had catapulted him to Premier Luminary and the admiration that came with it. His fellow Scientologists all flowed great admiration to him for his success. Of course, Don had mocked up a shore story that his financial success came from his wholesale company that sold Jell-O in bulk to Russia.

Don attributed his success in bank robbery to Scientology. This was true. The Tech had made him a better and more capable bank robber. He robbed banks in present time with all of his attention units on the robbery. He was not distracted and had no aberrations.

Don was also only himself when he robbed banks. He was not other-determined by his BT’s.

As Don rounded the curve in the road, the police had set up a roadblock….

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  1. At first Don Dissemination was dazed and confused. A police Road Block and he had only done the Comm Course. What to do he panicked! Then a voice spoke The Way to Happiness Booklets combined with expect body routing right into the empty Morgue Ideal Orgs! You see he was not an OT VIII nor a Premier Luminary. He was just a bank robber for dm who honesty should get a trophy for Robber Baron Extrodinaire! Robbing hearts bodies minds and souls is the Ultimate Prize for dm. Money is his source.Thank younOTVIII.🌹


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