Scientology Uber Driver Issues Tone 40 Commands

The trained Scientologist never Q&A’s with the reactive mind of a wog. Here we see GAT II trained Scientologist and OTVII Ted Malinowski repeating the command to a stupid wog. In doing so, Ted goes into the winning valence of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

6 responses to “Scientology Uber Driver Issues Tone 40 Commands

  1. white man is cray cray


  2. Uber man is very close to dropping his body.
    looks like 1.8 on the tone scale.


  3. This guy is almost as good as COB!! However, COB would have given this woman a severe beating. COB is the best at angry tirades and beatings!!


  4. When did Scientology invent the talking ashtray? Are they available to wogs and do they say anything other than where is my destination?


  5. This does a Scientologist proud!!!!!!!! It is a clear example of not only the effectiveness of GAT II TRs but also one’s exponential increases in ability as they progress up The Bridge to Total Freedom!!! If Ted is diligent and continues his progress, he will soon be just as able as OT VIII Kirsti Alley and be able to handle this extremely rude Wog with just the wave of a finger using the OT salute. Also, once reaching OT VIII and joining WISE, Ted will probably be able to move on to ‘phase II’ of his business plan and not have to actually drive a car for Uber unless he is requested to up his IAS Status again.


  6. whostolemycog

    Refusal to engage in Q&A is the secret enabling an Operating Thetan to operate at peak performance. Is this drill from SciTV?


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