Scientology Is Not Sinking!


Contrary to popular belief, the Church of Scientology is not sinking like the ill-fated Titanic. Rather, Scientology is undergoing an intense Underwater Freezing Saltwater Purif that will take it down 1,000 meters under the ocean.

While this intense Purif will cause the immediate and permanent exteriorization of those Scientologists who can’t afford a ticket on a life boat, these downstat and financially weak Scientologists are an embarrassment to the Church. They can and must be disposed of quietly and without sorrow. May they arise from the depths as better and more able thetans in their next lifetime.

6 responses to “Scientology Is Not Sinking!

  1. The criminal cult of $cientology can’t sink any more as they are ALREADY ON THE BOTTOM!!

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  2. And to that 24K Gold Order, may I add OT8 you are more than great you are Omnipotent! 💛💛

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  3. Thanks the gods for another opportunity to do yet another Purif©$®™. I have been feeling a bit peaked, tainted, and unclean anyway so this intense UFSP will be just the ticket to get me feeling good and back in the game of life, winning, winning, winning…

    If it turns out I happen to be in that dreadful category who are “downstat and financially weak Scientologists are an embarrassment to the Church” that’s no great shakes. I have knowingness with all my beingness that I am an immortal thetan and will return next life to make it to the other side of the Bridge to Total Freedom ©$®™. Besides, after a pitiful life of being crush regged and recruited, offloaded then freeloaded, I haven’t got a nickel to my name. In fact I am in debt so far it would take multiple lifetimes to crawl out of that financial hole. But, like all OTs©$®™ I know I will have no recall of any previous life so no one will be able to hound me for the money I owe from this life in my next life. Wins all around!!!!!!

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  4. Glub?????

    Oh no petlover1948, I don’t glub my kool-aid, I mainline it!!!!!!!


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