The Number of Times Over the Material Equals Certainty Except When It Doesn’t

MC Escher

As a watershed discovery about the very nature of the Tech, the Scientology Uncertainty Principle is rooted in the the Scientology Paradox:


The following is the actual technical fact:

The number of times over the material actually causes increasing uncertainty, which increasing uncertainty causes new Golden Age of Tech releases to spontaneously appear.

Thus, just as it is impossible to know if a Scientologist is in good standing, it is also impossible to know the definition of a Floating Needle or anything else until the next GAT level is released. Whereupon, the release of a new GAT level gives the apparency of certainty until the number of times over the new material actually causes increasing uncertainty.

To prevent squirreling, unusual solutions, and verbal tech in the presence of exponentially increasing uncertainty, therefore, new GAT Levels spontaneously appear and are then annihilated. This is conceptually akin to the creation of particles and antiparticles and their annihilation in the Dirac Sea.

Scientology persists as a cycle of creation and annihilation. However, this cycle is corrupt and that is why, over time, it now offers vastly diminishing creative returns while  its annihilative power increases and runs amok with great chaos and violence. Scientology’s original signal strength grows weaker with each inevitable GAT collapse and each empty Org. Due to entropy and the loss of energy in this closed system, Scientology has become the persistence of memory; mental image pictures of what the subject once allegedly was, or at least was as some remember it, but is no more.


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  1. Ok, I admit it, I had to do some serious word clearing and clay demo-ing when I read this. Even though I have completed the Student Hat, GAT I Student Hat, GAT II Student Hat, Primary Rundown, GAT I Primary Rundown, and GAT II Primary Rundown, I still needed quite a lot of metered word clearing to fully understand this article. I would have gotten thru it faster if the Course Supervisor and Word Clearer would have been around the Ideal Org Course Room more instead of moonlighting, but I’m not complaining. Since I was the only student on course, I got their full attention when I needed it. When the Course Sup was moonlighting, she was kind enough to leave me a ClearSound©™® recording. Every time I had a question, I just hit the play button and it said (with lots of ARC) “what do your materials state?”. Now that’s service!!!!!

    Now I am happy to report that I totally duplicate this without any hidden standards, hidden data lines or false data getting in the way. The number of times through really does mean certainty!!!!! I expect that by the time GAT IX rolls around I will be completely certain!!!!! Why? Well, it turns out that in my most recent e-meter drills, I found out that the number 9 is my lucky number, so I am certain that GAT IX will do the trick for me and I will finally achieve the blessed state of total spiritual freedom and bliss that the Founder has promised. I am certain of that.

    BTW, who is this T.S. Elliot fellow? Was he a friend of Reg Sharpe?

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