Fleet Admiral David Miscavige Crushes Coup in Turkey!


Turkey’s wog President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today publicly thanked the Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and his elite RTC Thetan Team 6 commandos for crushing the attempted coup against Erdogan’s government.

Said Scientology Vice Admiral Ken Delusion, “Using the principles embodied in the PTS/SP course, Fleet Admiral David Miscavige confronted and shattered the SP’s at the Ataturk airport and the Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul. He used his extreme OT powers to cause the rebels to lay down their weapons and surrender.”

Added Delusion, “President Erdogan will be awarding Fleet Admiral David Miscavige the Order of State of Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Nişanı) in a special ceremony on Sunday in a ceremony to be broadcast live by Scientology Media Productions.”

“The Mooslims in Turkey are praising Fleet Admiral Miscavige and Scientology,” Delusion noted. “Moreover, Fleet Admiral Miscavige has already identified the hidden Turkish Psychiatric cabal behind this attempted coup.”


4 responses to “Fleet Admiral David Miscavige Crushes Coup in Turkey!

  1. That’s impressive. Maybe the Republicans can make a last second change, and nominate Davey as president this week.

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  2. Can someone PLEASE tell me what channel this will be on? Scientology Media Productions is on TV, right?

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  3. I heard rumor Miscavige personally stepped in front of the tanks to stop the coup. He gave them a choice: continue the coup and donate to IAS or surrender. Every man stepped rapidly away from their tanks.

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  4. whostolemycog

    Some of the militants were so PTS, they lost their heads. Touch assists gone bad we’re afraid…


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