Freedom Magazine Special Report on COB RTC David Miscavige.

Confidential: Draft of Freedom Magazine press release — Show only to parishioners in closed-door bonded briefings at Orgs. Bond is $150,000 on this one!

PVCWe in RTC have learned that a police officer on the payroll of Big Pharma planted a piece of ordinary PVC pipe in a PI’s car. The police officer called the piece of PVC a silencer. The PI went along with it because he had been sent in by HBO. The fix was in against COB and the Church: The PVC pipe was just more government copier paper.

The real criminal we are looking for is the plant in Scientology organizations who approved hiring the dirty PI. OSA was sec checked all last night in a search for those who have hidden intentions to destroy COB and harm Scientology organizations.

Going_Clear_PosterRolling back events in the timeline, HBO’s “Going Clear” had been seen by a grand total 67 people — all of whom had an ax to grind against the Church — and then all interest in the hate film died.

In what should have been the unlamented death of Going Clear, the L.A. Times suddenly prints an old story about what? A man who had a piece PVC pipe in his car? Since when did a plastic pipe used for garden sprinklers become a “silencer”? This happened in the desperate and overheated mind of HBO.

HBO is “giving away” a free weekend of viewing because they can’t sell their terrible programming. On the other hand, Scientology can barely keep up with the demand as millions of people flood our Ideal Orgs on seventeen continents and 15,901 countries. Scientology is being credited for bringing peace to the Middle East and solving the global drug problem with Narconon, the only safe drug treatment program.

Finally, as if our 46,700x straight up and vertical expansion weren’t enough, Flag has now 2000x more Theta!

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  1. Brilliant analysis. I have it on reliable sources that the PI in question was a former cop who had a history of beating his wife. Hopefully good thinking people will not accept the black PR of wife beaters as well as the other cast of bitter, defrocked apostates making a living off the fringes of the internet.


  2. I attended this closed-door briefing. When I found out what COB really has to deal with, I told him to keep the $150,000. It makes me proud to know that our very own COB is filling LRH’s big shoes when it comes to confronting and shattering 4th Dynamic suppression.

    Since COB has led our religion to its greatest expansion in history, the SPs are going insane like they never have before. Those SPs will say and do anything to stop our expansion! This latest round of suppression is the direct result of COB’s “Golden Age of Technology Phase II”. The SPs know that COB has rediscovered LRH’s pure tech and is delivering it to a world desperate for real solutions.

    After COB has confronted and shattered these cocksuc… er, SPs, he will release the next phase of the Golden Age of Technology. That’s right: Phase III comes after Phase II, according to COB, and your mind will be shattered, er, blown by the amazing LRH technology which COB has recovered from the SPs who surrounded the Founder like a cluster of BTs — er, SPs!

    If you think the 4th Dynamic suppression against COB is bad right now, wait until GAT III, which might even make the SPs start a war to stop the Tech! Your donations are urgently required RIGHT NOW to help COB stop a war from happening. Donate now!

    And remember, those SPs will say ANYTHING to suppress COB and our glorious Church. Don’t listen to those mean SPs! They’re mean!


  3. And to think people have trouble believing the veracity of OTIII…once this briefing gets out, we might as well prepare to annouce we’ve identified the 29 year old reincarnated Founder…and let Barbara Walters do the interview to introduce him to the world right after the Bruce Jenner episode.


  4. Next thing you know we’ll be set up just because our orgs don’t have toilet paper. Honestly! Those SPs are getting more desperate by the day!


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