Bodhi Elfman and the Secret of Scientology Anus Whitening

Scientology OT Bodhi Elfman

Now we know what really goes on aboard the Scientology ship Freewinds when it’s out to sea: A group whitening process.

Bon voyage on your Scientology journey to… a white anus.


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  1. When Bodhi refers to the “olden days” he is really just speaking to ignorant wogs. What he really means by olden days is the Whole Track as discovered by our Founder. Ron found that in all incidents on the track people had white assholes, including Plitdown Man. It just naturally follows that RTC would want people today to have white assholes too. Unless of course they aren’t white in the first place. That is why COB is actively recruiting black assholes from NOI. Our Brothers and Sisters who are members of NOI can join with the most ethical group of white assholes on the planet, Scientology!!!

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