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  1. OK, Ms. B. is pissed. I’m just sick and tired of these nonsense Joking & Degrading videos about the coolest religion in the world.

    This clown is going on and on about some sort of entities clinging to a Thetan or whatever. That is absolutely untrue. Why? Because the Founder never wrote about it and if the Founder didn’t write about it, it isn’t true. I have endured all kinds of harassment at work with people around the water cooler laughing at something called Body Thetans. We don’t have Body Thetans in Scientology cuz the Founder hasn’t mentioned it in the Tech Dictionary. For some reason wogs go on and on about this nonsense like we’re going to get all butt hurt about it. The fact is, even if there were Body Thetans (and there aren’t) Scientology has so much more going for it than that. Besides our fantastic Comm Course, we have wonderful Ethics Conditions, Sec Checks, Reg Cycles, recruiting, Disconnection, Fair Gaming, Goldenrod, Comm Evs, more Ethics Conditions, Stat Pushes, Thursdays at 2:00, highly inflated and over priced counseling services, GAT II training for so anyone can deliver these over prices services, Knowledge Reports, more Ethics Conditions, endless, IAS Status pushing, shadowy front groups, OSA goons, Basics Books by the pallet full, fun times encountering the unwashed masses by Body Routing, more Ethics conditions, baking for endless hours in the sauna, taking mega doses of vitamins washed down with Cal-Gag, staff positions that pay next to nothing no matter how much you work, giant trophies and certificates and more of those each time you repeat an action, etc. Have I left anything out? We are definitely the world’s coolest religion

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  2. What many don’t realize is the IAS was originally conceived as the Ideal Alien Society. What happens to those billions of aliens released from bondage by the tech? The IAS is their new home.


  3. In this video with so much truth, the point is that exorcism of attached spirits IS MONETIZED. The cult would have you believe that only THEY can give you spiritual freedom and you must pay for every hour of their copyrighted trademarked procedure
    What are you
    Who are you

    Not only that only the CULT and RTC can give you the ELLIGIBILITY and *privilege* LOL to give them the 10os 1000s of dollars to jettison these spirits.

    The thought that these Body Thetans have a birth certificate of 75 million years and have been mentally trapped in the IMPLANT which only the cult can (at $800 an hour) free you off is what the video above looks at.

    As Tony Ortega said…if they told folk as they walked in the door what the secret OT levels were about, people would leave instantly. But its all bait and switch ….upper level SECRETS cannot be told, til you are already $150,000 into it…


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