Scientologist Katherine Fraser Uses OT Force Field to Stop Wog Journo Tara Brown of 60 Minutes Australia


Scientologist Katherine Fraser reaches out her hands and projects a special OT Force Field to fend off Wog Journo Tara Brown

We in RTC were shocked — shocked we say — when wog journo Tara Brown of 60 Minutes Australia recently showed up unannounced at Gold Base! Worse, she had journo Tony Ortega chauffeuring her around all over the place. The two even went to our super-secret CST Twin Peaks Base because why? Shelly is not there. Shelly is on a special very long-term assignment elsewhere.

Ms. Brown and her camera crew acted like they had a right to ask where Shelly Miscavige is. This is not reporting. This is an attack upon the Scientology religion. And that’s why we had our lawyers send threat letters before we even knew what Brown’s story was about. But what we know for certain is that anyone who investigates Scientology is a criminal employed by Big Pharma! That’s all we need to know.

Gold Base Port Captain Katherine Frasier met the Psych journo Tara Brown at the gates of Gold Base. Dauntless, Defiant, and Resolute, Port Captain Fraser was there to confront and shatter suppression:


Super OT & Gold Base Port Captain Katherine Fraser

Katherine’s thetan powered up to 5000 million light-year kilotons per microsecond of power. Katherine then raised her hands and projected the intention beams at Brown whereupon the Australian journo fled.


The Scientology Thetan can generate millions of light-year kilotons per microsecond of power.

The lesson to be learned: Suppression can be confronted and shattered. This is why COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has ordered all Scientologists to redo the PTS/SP immediately as in begin the course right now this very second. Now, now, now!


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  1. In point of fact Ms. Brown retreated in the erroneous but understandable belief that Katherine Frasier’s miasmatic maw had been used, first as a latrine, and then as a grave, by some small desert creature. Nothing to do with Thetans: Frasier’s habit of snacking on raw garlic and Limburger in pumpernickel wraps is estimated to generate up to 50,000 microfarts per second of force 11 halitosis — but nobody’s ever gone close enough to prove it.

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  2. Psych backed journo Tara Brown is just goddamn lucky that OT Katherine Frasier is such a compassionate and understanding being who thoughtfully withheld her OT powers in the presence of an ignorant wog. Instead Katherine chose to diffuse this potentially tense situation with calm, clear communication that she has mastered as a result of applying the Tech discovered by the Founder. If only all Scientologists were able to be this up-toned the world would be a much better place.

    Oh, by the way, who is Shelly that these wog journos keep harping about? Maybe these unsavory folks need to quit partaking of the products produced by Big Pharma and do the Purification Rundown to clear their minds and bodies of these vile substances that cause such babbling delusion.

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