Scientology Erects Safety Fences Around All Orgs to Protect Scientologists

Scientology Security Minister Mr. Dag Diego today confirmed that safety fences have been erected  around all Scientology Orgs. “This has been done to protect Scientologists,” said Commander Diego.

“Scientology can ill afford to allow marauding wogs to step foot on our property. Further, we cannot allow Scientologists to escape when our scriptures clearly require them to route out of Scientology per policy.”

Asked why so much razor wire was required on the safety fences, Commander Diego replied, “The Founder noted that the universe is based upon enormous quantity. Therefore we decided we need an enormous quantity of razor wire in order to comply with the Founder’s wisdom.”

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  1. Those marauding wogs are as bad as bad can be…Apparently Sci Security Minister HA ! HA !, the Security Monster, knows that razor wire performs to the utmost across all Dynamics the great power of in-ward facing cuts! It gives me chills OT8 because if a person was trying to protect their members from the outside wog world the barbs would face out. Therein lies the evil logos and Lawson of the cult of Scientology.XXOO 🌹

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  2. Fences alone are not adequate security for $cientology!! They have cameras, guards, dogs, and sensors. This is to (1) keep the Sea Org and staff slaves from escaping, (2) keep out entheta! (3) hold members captive until they pay ransom – disguised as a donation!


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