Scientology Warning: Marijuana Was Created Eons Ago by Alien Botanical Psychiatrists! Don’t Use Xenu’s Weed!

Scientologist Dr. John Mappin educates and warns the wog public why no one should ever use Xenu’s weed a/k/a marijuana:

Xenu’s Weed was created eons ago by mal-intentioned botanical psychiatrists! Here are raw meat wogs after smoking one marijuana at a rave; this is what Xenu’s Weed will do to you:

The only hope for people who smoke Xenu’s Weed is Narconon!

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  1. This seems entirely plausible and further evidence that the aliens are not our friends.

    And thank you Dr Mappin for mentioning Rolls Royce motor cars which were of course designed by alien botanical engineers to further enslave our population by making us foolishly increase our status and put us further into debt and misery

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  2. Examining the holy texts of the church, one finds ample evidence that Dr. Mappin is correct in his assertion that Xenu’s evil weed has no place in the lives of meat bodies.

    We culled together a brief list of the approved church sacraments:

    1. A message from the founder to his wife Mary Sue prescribing the exact sacramental regimen he and other Scientologists are to follow in their quest for spiritual truth: “I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.”

    2. The founder’s son also weighed in, saying of his father, “He regularly used cocaine, peyote and mescaline.”

    3. Finally, there is the fact that prior to his full exteriorization, the founder relied on numerous posterior injections of Vistaril to propel him sagely on his journey to Target Two.

    Without these notable sacraments of Scientology, spiritual freedom is a myth.

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  3. Hes not that far off the NOI’s claims that Satanic Jews,White devils and the evil psychs engineered Weed to makes you Gay.,..Riizza Islam post videos on the subject often and draws his crazy theory from Dr Wesley Muhammad…

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    • Dr. Rizza Islam has demonstrated from Scientology technology that Xenu’s Weed does indeed make a person gay. Research conducted by we in RTC has shown that smoking just one marijuana can make a person gay.

      The THC-8-Delta and THC-9-Delta in Xenu’s Weed puts BT clusters into restimulation on wholetrack incidents of ancient decadence in which hot man-on-man sex or woman-on-woman sex was the norm in the Roman Discos of that era.

      On the other hand, some people are gay without Xenu’s Weed. These people are gay because. However, smoking Xenu’s Weed will make them more gay by as much as 400% as studies have shown.

      Xenu’s Weed also makes people want to attack Scientology. It’s dangerous. Stay away from it. Stick to cigarettes, scotch, and pinks and grays.

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      • Yes, it’s clearly true that Xenu’s Weed surely leads directly to (even us lowly WOGs) turning into 400%-more-gay, raving zombies. The truth is simply incontrovertible as Dr Mappin so kindly explained! Plant engineers indeed. It all makes sense now – I’m on hold to the local Narconon facility as I type this, as they are just so incredibly busy with their worldwide expansion and not merely cynically grifting 40K from the parents of methamphetamine addicts. It was absolutely the “wake-up call” I needed to atone for my teenaged transgressions!


  4. Scientology is religion created by a B grade science fiction writer and con man L Ron Hubbard who is quoted saying to friends “I’m tired of working for a living, I think I’ll start a religion, that’s where the real money is” just before he created Scientology. Anyone who believes anything these fools say it’s just as silly as they are. See also: Joseph Smith Jr, Charles Taze Russell , Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, Marshall Applewhite, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Eddie Long, Joel Osteen, David Koresh, Jeffrey Don Lundgren, Harold Egbert Camping….

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  5. I can be attesting to the greatness of Battlefool Urath the Moovie. Jon Revolting has sexing snot ropes hanging from each and both of his nose nostrils, a wonderful look at the future of OT XXVIII. It was most joyous to experience his magnificent shooting marksmanship – he was snipping off leg from pin-tail-on-donkey paper cartoon moo-cow with every lack of effort. I was enshrined by his fat furry fingers all six of them, no wait twelve, there were six times too equals twelve furry fat fingers but only six per every both hand.

    All of this was truly seemingly to me and my self to being most worthy of any price of admission except one costing more or less more than the zero I was having not to pay for viewing after my carefully illegal downloading from newzgroub alt.babble.on, which then I also carefully reloaded to usefully view on my personal ceramic throne in the small smell room. And yes I was careful to place my highest-power tinfoil headspace encloder fully upon the dome of uppermost body part, and careful to avoid all waring of each static-ly wool slipper per foot, and to never not be avoiding stroking the furry cats with electeric-gathering glass wands for more safety with wooly fuzzy slippers on metal floor of tin hut.

    It was such a grate moovie it made my hairs stand on their feet straight up and charging. It took me a week to re-cover and still I am all tingling. The shaman said it was lucky he was near my personal tin shack when the electrics exploding sparking went up like moon launch Apollo the whatevers, and he only charges me three rats and an MRE.

    So watch the grate Jonnie Revolting in Butterfingers Six-Twelve, I think it was, whenever you can as long as there is a shaman close by and you can afford the rats and MRE charged for his services of bringing you and your cat back from the Dead, or la-la land, or wherever.


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