Dr. Phil Interviews Scientologist Joy Villa — Or is it Joy Violence?

Dr. Phil: We have Joy Villa on the phone. In 2007 Joy was arrested and booked under California penal code 273.5(A), which is domestic violence with injury to a spouse. And yet she now says she wants to run for Congress. My question: Joy Villa what makes you think you’re fit to run for Congress? Have you resolved your anger issues?

Joy Villa: Dr. Phil, I think we need to focus on making America great again and not on the past.

DP: But you beat your boyfriend in the middle of the street after getting in a fight with your own mother and beating her. And you were arrested…

JV: Floridians need infrastructure and that’s my number one priority if I run for Congress… roads, handling traffic…

DP: Joy you’re not answering my question. I also need to remind our viewers about these dominatrix photos of you that are all over the internet. And then there’s Scientology. You’re very involved in Scientology and yet claim to be a Christian. Seems to me you’ll do anything to get attention and have never confronted your anger issues…

JV: It’s not anger or rage. It’s what Scientology calls an implant. This all started 75,000,000 years ago. And I can handle these implants once I get to OTIII…

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  1. Joy is right, Dr. Phil is wrong. Joy is Clear with wonderful TRs, Dr. Phil is just an ordinary wog with a lousy comm cycle who Q&As. Just look at how lousy his TR3 is! Joy is a good person, a wonderful person who has the Tech that will save Mankind, Dr. Phil has a lousy doctorate degree that he probably got from some diploma mill like Sequoia University. No Scientologist would stoop so low as to acquire such a diploma to pad their credentials.

    If Joy decides to run for Congress she will be a fine fit and a perfect compliment to the current Administration. Her intelligence, ambition, honesty, behavior, abilities, forthrightness, sensibilities, greatness, hugeness, and beingness are certainly on par with our Great Leader and would help him forward his agenda in every way. In fact, perhaps she should forgo politics and make a direct bid for the diplomatic corps. With her track record of handling others with perfect Tone 40 & 8-C (see the example above regarding her asshole boyfriend and wacko momma) she would be the perfect choice to be fired off on a mission to handle that fat little fuck that is running North Korea into oblivion with his twitchy nuclear fingers.


  2. I can hear her now: “listen up, you little slant-eyed, pin-dicked fuck! You’s best get yo’ stink-ass pinky off dat nukeclar-like button n’shit, beefo Iz comes over to dat Nort Korea, and kicks yo dog-eatin’ weak azz!” Diplomacy at it’s finest… Make yo momma proud, Joy!


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