In the Harvey Weinstein Era, Tom Cruise Apologizes for Magnolia

“I should never have taken this role or starred in Magnolia,” said Tom Cruise.
“I sincerely regret making millions of dollars on this horribly sexist film. But just to be clear, I kept all the money and gave lots of it to Scientology. I did this because only Scientology can help.”


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  1. Jeezus H. F/N Christ on a crutch!!!! I don’t even know where to start on this one. You in RTC need to tell me where to send a Knowledge Report on Big Beings like Mr. Tom Cruise. His public denial of his role in this magnificent movie puts him in a Condition of Treason. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little sex or sexism when it comes to making money for the Church of Scientology. You don’t see other well known Scientologists like Laura ‘Lesbo’ Prepon or Jenna ‘Horsie’ Elfman backing down from their positions (no pun intended) when it comes to making big bucks to donate to the Church and the IAS.

    There is precedent for this with none other than the Founder hissself.!!!!!
    Tom needs to clear up his crashing M/Us, do a little False Data Stripping and work is way up the Conditions just like the rest of us little beings.

    ARC, KRC, KSW & ml (especially ml),
    Ms. B. Haven

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  2. Sort of off topic: Bryan Singer, Tom’s Valkyrie director, was just fired from the Freddie Mercury bio-pic currently shooting in London. Can some strings be pulled to get Bryan a shot at SMP movie or video? Tom has always had great things to say about his time with Bryan and from what I hear, Bryan Singer could fit right in with Scientology.

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  3. Yes, SuMP should hire Harvey Weinstein, Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, Danny Masterson, and Tom Cruise to star in a movie based on OT 3! David Miscavige will be the film editor! What a cast and crew!


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