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    • Ok, it’s true confession time for me here. Instead of being a true Scientologist, I am in reality an ex-Scios. This is sad but true.

      Watchful Navigator sez:
      “I have been campaigning for a more coordinated effort between the ex-Scios who are activist, and Indies who care about reform, so that the Miscavige monopoly could be broken a little more than it already is, and so we can also have real examples out here of non-abusive and more inclusive Scientology.”

      I can see now that I have been wasting my time as a closet bound ex-Scios. I should have been trying to unite with my Indie and FreeZone friends so we could bring about true reform as envisioned by the Founder. We need to bring out the Research that led to the the development of The Bridge to Total Freedom. The Church of Scientology has hidden this from us because us Little Beings “can’t have” such important data and all it entails. I know that there is tons of Research to back up our precious Tech. Now we just need to see it. It would also be good to bring out the True Facts about our revered Founder. I’m sure that there is actual documentation to verify his being crippled and blinded in WWII and him singlehandedly healing himself from those injuries and following up on that to develop our precious Tech. We also need to put to bed those vicious rumors that our Founder ever thought up such things as Fair Game, yelling at ash trays, Harsh Ethics, Xenu, G-OSA, body routing, Snow White, RPF, RPF’s RPF etc., etc. All that stuff was put into place by Suppressive Persons to undermine our revered Founder’s impeccable reputation. AND, our revered Founder DID NOT participate in any Occult, OTO, Crowley, Parsons, black magik, woo woo nonsense. That’s just absurd. I mean, he didn’t even know Jack’s girlfriend Sara. Also, I just want to say that unlike Mr. Capt’n David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige (where’s Shelly?), our revered Founder DID NOT throw his wife under the bus and ‘disappear her’. Ron would never do that. I have it on good authority that Mary Sue selflessly spent time in prison to help implement a new Criminon program to bring the precious Tech to the degraded, downtrodden, decrepit, disgusting crims of the world. In fact you could say that Mary Sue was the Mother Teresa of Scientology.

      You see, Scientology as envisioned and created by our revered Founder is the only salvation for Mankind. It works on 100% of the people 100% of the time when applied 100% correctly. Everything the Founder did was for the benefit of humanity. Let’s just bring out a bit of that Research to verify that the precious Tech is actually based on this because I just couldn’t confront the fact that EVERYTHING is a fabrication. Tell me it just ain’t so WN. Please.

      Once you do this WN, I’ll get off me lazy arse and start trying to unite all of the ex-Scios with the Indies and FreeZone. Wouldn’t that just be swell? All of us playing nice together to bring the Tech to the world.

      P.S. I think it was downright awful that way the Karen dlC personally pulled the plug on Alanzo’s website. We were all left with just a silly Peace Sign to deal with and no explanation. That dastardly Karen. She is so mean. Just cuz she doesn’t like David and Marty, doesn’t mean that she has to shut down Alanzo’s website just cuz he likes Marty so much and knows all about the Troika of which Marty speaks. OK? Got that? OK.

      Ms. B. Haven

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  1. There is run of the mill crazy….and then there is still an LRH defender crazy.

    The former is part of life, whereas the latter only occurs when the perfect shit storm of cognitive dissonance meets up with a blind spot a mile wide.

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