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    • Doloras – Welcome. Don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of a proper introduction. Although your opinion is narrow, vile, and ignorant no one here would ever advocate violence to try to change it or those of people who think as you do. Instead we laugh at your ignorance.

      BTW, Congratulations…your response above has earned you a nomination for the weekly prize awarded for “Most Twisted Judgmental Fuck in the Face of Tragedy”. ISIS welcomes those like you who decide for everyone what may be viewed, read, or thought. No doubt you like them are pure in heart and soul while totally empty above your shoulders.

      We’ll get back to you with a list of prizes.


    • Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons are in French, for people who understand French culture. They were not meant for the U.S. public in a first degree word to word translation which forgets its context. Charlie went over the limites of oureageous disrespectful blasphemous humour and people here in Paris loved it for that same reason. It’s a matter of principle. Even if some of the cartoons were not our cup of tea, I don’t think many people would consider Charlie as a racist or sexist magazine. The degree of political correctness you have attained in the US hasn’t hit us yet. We will fight for the right oh humorists to make fun of politicians, Christians, Muslims, homosexuals or whatever. One of the most difficult things in a different culture is understanding humour and crosswords. I suggest you try that for a few years. Vive Charlie Hebdo! Vice la France! I am Charlie! Thank y’all people from abroad who showed so much compassion and support.


  1. When I crossed the Boulevard de la Bastilla I saw the red ambulances speeding up. The gendarmes at the metro station looked tense and alert. There was something happening . Then the news came. We must all stand up for freedom of speech, civil liberties, education and justice. A police state is not the solution. Terrorism is just the symptom of the cancer undermining our global society. As long as millions of human beings will be left with no hope, they will turn to violence and religious fundamentalism. Bush’s crusade against terror didn’t solve anything, it created even more chaos. Humour is a good indicator of the state of a society. We will not yield. We will stand against the barbarians of religion.


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