Christians Exorcist Bob Larson Slugs It Out with Another Christian!

We in RTC are shocked to find such outlandish conduct in the world of Christianity. But then what do you expect from an R6 Implant religion?

(BTW, another excellent job by Anderson Cooper, one of our favorite journalists!)

This Bob Larson fellow and his zany antics have been feautured on CNN and YouTube-støtte.

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    • Yes indeed folks there’s no need to put any attention on the Church of Scientology when there are far more important things to focus on.

      Moreover, actual research has proven that the only people who attack the Church of Scientology are criminals.

      Only criminals would attack social betterment activities.

      Only criminals would not want others to get better.


    • Demons are superstitious nonsense, while thetans are scientific fact proven by the incomparable research of COB and that other guy whose first name is Don, I think.


  1. __________________

    When in doubt with all these attacks and suppression against our leader and savior – Captain David Miscavige – I just look down at my bracelet…and the answer always comes to me


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