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  1. I think that this is just a fun “Shore Story” that some silly Sea Org members are playing around with to confuse Wogs. It is something that a Wog can Have and understand. The real reason why Mr. Capt’n COB RTC David Miscavige can’t be served process is because he is an Operating Thetan of the highest order. He is fully at cause over Matter, Energy, Space and Time operating exterior to the body with full perception. If someone wanted to serve process on him it would be easy to do because he is out mingling with the unwashed public all the time. It might be hard to pin down his schedule because he is so OT and appears so many places seemingly at once, but let’s face it, he has eleventy billion Scientologists to attend to and untold billions more (counting BTs) that are reaching for Scientology but can’t sign up for services because not all Orgs are Ideal Orgs and it is impossible to deliver Ideal Services without Ideal facilities. And why would someone want to serve process on COB anyway? Geeezzz.


  2. And all this time I just thought he had a severe case of stickuphisassitis. With all those medical problems, the poor man and his assistant should take to bed immediately with only McCallans and a punching bag staff member per hour to keep them company.


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