Vistaril needed on the Set of ABC 20/20 Stat!


Blinky McBlinkerface aka Monique Yingling needs Vistaril stat! Her chronic blinking was a huge somatic that was bad PR for Scientology.

And the show was a huge embarrassment for ABC!  Scientology’s lapdog — the talentless moron Dan Harris — made this incoherent trainwreck edition of 20/20 even worse. Harris probably could use some Vistaril as well.

What were Yingling and Harris thinking? Not once did either of them stop to effusively praise COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige for his herculean efforts in saving this planet. Not once did either of these wog toady’s praise COB for his brilliance in opening 115,991 Ideal Orgs.

What we in RTC needed from the show was more rope pull!


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  1. I think you in RTC need to calm down a bit here. Sure Ms. Yingling’s performance wasn’t so great, but drugs are not the answer. The answer to all Mankind’s problems is Standard Tech. What Ms. Yingling really needs is a couple hundred hours of GAT II Pro TRs and a good round of Lower Conditions to get rid of the blinking issues that she obviously suffers from. A little icing on the cake would be some good ol’ Book One auditing to find the underlying engrams that are causing her blinking and chronic lying. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest getting her up the Bridge to Total Freedom as soon as possible so that she can become cause over the physical universe, including her twitchy body and twisted mind.

    As for Dan Harris, he is obviously not eligible for any Scientology services being a professional Merchant of Chaos and a no case gain, dog pc who surely has no concept of where the front porch of eternity is even located.

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    • Ms. B. Haven, you are so spot on with your C/S’ing that we need you right now to rush to Flag and work to debug stalled cases. There is a Sea Org courtesy van waiting outside your home. Five big burly SO men will be breaking down your door to escort you to Flag. Welcome to the Sea Org shipmate!


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