Scientology Rolls Out New 2016 Ad Campaign


9 responses to “Scientology Rolls Out New 2016 Ad Campaign

  1. Once again COB has outdone himself with his marketing genius! This brilliant reverse-vector approach is sure to flood all ideal orgs with fresh meat, ready for the pressure cooker!

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  2. the billboard misses the second half of the statement

    Not as skin crawling and evil as you think, it is much MORE skin crawling and evil than anyone could imagine.

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  3. Don’t give DM too many good ideas, Jeff. That tactic would probably work.

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  4. I just invested my life savings in ear plugs because there is a boom coming. Well played COB.

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  5. Maybe Captain David ” let him die” Miscavige can get his slaves to build a wall to block the sign.

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  6. Scientology: where adjectival addiction is essential to successful bloviation.

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  7. 😂 Hilarious. This might actually work better than what the church puts up as ads. It’s so funny.

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  8. Did COB reject ‘CREEPY’?

    ‘SKIN-CRAWLINGLY CREEPY and EVIL’ has a nice ring to me. Also, how do I submit the idea of TC and JT inflatable dancers on each side of the billboard without getting bitch slapped?


  9. If they have a new ad campaign, I guess the previous one:


    did not work out.


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