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Cryptic Post: Burn After Reading

NRO Classified

Those two just can’t connect the dots. They are a folie à deux. And their little poodle-faced weirdo friend is disturbingly insane.

Too much information.

What would be too much information? The logical implications of what those two are writing is this: Ron Hubbard played a role in MK-Ultra and Scientologists are his unwitting test population and remain so to this day. Or is this too much information? Can those two take this plunge off the edge of the world? Or would it cause their heads to explode?  They couldn’t even take we in RTC trolling them and then suddenly changing the subject. They didn’t get the joke. It is appalling what they are willing to not know when it is staring them in the face. The GO must have been Miles’ bad joke because he was a pro and the GO was so inept it allowed Meisner to escape. I guess Miles drove the getaway car.

They think Miles was serious? How about upgrading the man to dangerous and deranged? Those two take his books at face value and have never even once tried pulling the man’s withholds.

Church of Scientology: We Have Been the Victims of Fake News for Decades!


Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center,  Mr. Dennis Miscavige

“We in the Church of Scientology have been the victims of fake news for decades!” proclaimed Church spokesman Ken Delusion. “These fake news stories about Scientology have been spread by the unholy trinity of Psychiatry, Big Pharma, and the CIA,” Delusion averred.

“Fake news stories about Scientology are constantly planted in the media. These fake new stories accuse Scientology of being a criminal syndicate that employs brainwashing, hypnotism, coercion, isolation, threats, flattery, and even blackmail in order to engage in an alleged systematic wealth extraction scheme that preys upon and exploits emotionally vulnerable people — and particularly celebrities.”

“This is not true,” Delusion affirmed.

“What is true is what’s true for you,” Delusion emphasized. “And what’s true for Scientologists is that Scientology is all about creating a planet without war, crime, or insanity.”

“And if, in order to reach this lofty goal, we in Scientology must engage in war, crime, and insanity why then we are just fighting with fire!”

Exclusive: Scientology’s Secret Underground Alien Base Discovered!


CIA Director John O. Brennan today announced that the agency had discovered Scientology’s secret underground alien base at an undisclosed location.

“The Church of Scientology has been working with aliens since the 1950’s,” Director Brennan told the press. “These aliens need the DNA of Scientology OT’s in order to exist.”

“It seems,” the Director noted, “that even aliens have Reactive Minds and a NOT’s case. However, as aliens can’t metab on any known Earth e-meter, they can only get case gain by drinking pulped OT’s in a sort of smoothie drink.”

“In exchange for the OT’s provided by David Miscavige, the CIA has learned that the aliens give Mr. Miscavige gold bars from the mines they operate near the Mars Between Lives Implanting Station #811.”

“Not to be cynical, but we can now see why Mr. Miscavige — the man who leads a Church with 12,000,000 members — has been pushing ‘10,000 on Solo NOT’s’ for decades without this ever actually happening.”