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Big Dick’s Scientology Success Affirmations


Success affirmations written by Richard “Big Dick” Bongo. Valley OTC Chairman and owner of Bongo Telex Services.

* My failed purposes have failed in their purposes to stop me. Hence, I am becoming more prosurvival everyday.

* For Scientology Volunteer Ministers, a disaster is an opportunity waiting to happen. Grab your camera, get on a plane, and fly to the scene of disasters! Ignore the SP’s who call this ambulance chasing.

* A large donation to the IAS is greater than any Ethics action pending against me.

* My need for a replacement hip is a just a consideration. I am greater than the mechanics of the MEST universe. My hip is feeling much better after each Solo session.

* I do not owe a shitload in back taxes. If I do not give this problem any attention units, the IRS will go away.

* One’s IAS status must go in before the Tech can go in.

* Nothing in life can stop an OT. Except for an SP declare.

* The Psychs are just a mocked up identity like BT’s. Except the Psychs are more real, more solid, and can be used for fundraising purposes by Scientology.

* The first to talk walks. Do I turn in my fellow OT’s on this mail order hustle we are running? Of course I do. This is survival for me.

Scientology OT7 Richard “Big Dick” Bongo warns SP’s to Shut the Hell Up!

Scientologist OT7 Richard “Big Dick” Bongo warns SP’s to shut the hell up and stop talking about Scientology and the Aftermath or he will make them shut up!

“I’m goddamn sick and tired of hearing about this show,” exclaimed Big Dick Bongo. “And yeah, I know the show won an Emmy but so what? Those faggots in Hollywood make an Emmy sound like it’s some kind of  big deal. Well it’s not! And for the record I’d rather have my e-meter than an Emmy!”