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Communist Brainwashing Manual: Declaration of Charles Stickley

Dr. Charles Stickley, author, Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics

My name is Charles Stickley. Contrary to rumors, half-truths, and wild-eyed confabulations, I alone am the author of  the book Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics.

I first met L. Ron Hubbard when we both served in the US Navy in WWII and were sent on a secret mission. Delivered to Java by the destroyer USS Edsall, Ron and I went into the jungle to spy on the Japanese. We were detected and fled. Ron was machine-gunned in the back as we escaped to our rubber raft.

As we drifted 2,000 miles back to Australia and lived on rainwater and fish we speared, Ron and I had a long time to talk about the dangers posed by Communism and Communists. We both agreed that Communism was greater than the danger posed by Nazi Germany.

I became increasingly concerned about the Communist infiltration of America using polio monkey serums, fluoridated water, and Jewish mental hygiene. Accordingly, in 1951 I wrote and and caused to be issued a phamplet through my Keep America Committee of Los Angeles:

L. Ron Hubbard saw my phamplet. He contacted me immediately from his home in New Jersey. Ron shared my concerns and indeed we had discussed these matters years before in that rubber life raft as we drifted in the Banda and Arafura seas. Ron told me that the Communists had stolen his Excalibur manuscript in 1938 and were even now reading Dianetics. In fact, Khrushchev himself had offered Ron a “write your own ticket” deal that included a full laboratory if Ron would come to Moscow and work in brainwashing. Ron, a true American, would have none of it.

I quickly read Dianetics, saw its benefits, and became a Dianeticist and later a Scientologist. In 1955, Ron Hubbard delievered to me a series of lectures that had been stolen by his agents from Lenin University in Moscow. These lectures had been delievered by Beria himself and discussed how to brainwash and destroy the West using pain, drugs, and hypnosis. This is when I wrote Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics:

Seeing the brilliance of my work, Ron Hubbard ordered the Church of Scientology to widely distribute my work. Others too published my book. That Ron Hubbard is cited as the author of my work is false.

Signed this 22nd day of February 2018 at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

Dr. Charles Stickley


Did Someone Say Grand Opening?

Did someone say grand opening?

Why yes they did. To be specific, Chairman Miscavige of the People’s Committee for Grand Openings of Already Opened Buildings will be re-grand-opening AOLA and ASHO!

The buildings are festooned with ribbons and  the excitement is in the air! Tens of millions of Scientologists are pouring into Los Angeles for this most important-ever event in the entire history of the universe.

march-for-life“Chairman Miscavige’s seven hour speech will be broadcast live to billions of people globally,” enthused Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Office of Ecclesiastical Bloviation and Torture.

“And COB will have much to say, particularly about the lack of enthusiasm for donations.”

“And just as COB put in ethics on Comrade Boris Putin, so too is COB going to slam in ethics on all of the CICS parishioners who have been ordered to show up for the Grand Opening.”

Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, Commanding Officer, Office of Ecclesiastical Bloviation and Torture

“All of these dilettante pantywaist parishioners are dramatizing psychotics guilty of splattering their cases all over the internet, the Church, and COB!”

“Well let me tell you this,” Comrade Wonderman declared, “behind all of the pretty satin bows and bunting at the Grand Opening there will be ecclesiastical beatings going on inside the walls!”

“The beatings will not stop until $25,000,000 is raised for the IAS.”