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Scientology Leader David Miscavige Purchases the Preserved Head of 19th Century Killer Diogo Alves

Scientology ecclesiastical leader COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige with the preserved head of 19th century serial killer Diogo Alves on his desk.

Executed in 1841 for a decade-long crime spree which included pushing seventy people to their deaths from the heights of the Aqueduto das Águas Livres (Aqueduct of the Free Waters), the severed head of Diogo Alves was preserved in a vat of formaldehyde. This was done so that scientists could study the brain of a criminal.

“The head of Diogo Alves was sold in a private transaction by the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Medicine,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion. “Mr. Miscavige wanted to acquire the head for the Church of Scientology. The head is a reminder of Mr. Hubbard’s policy:

‘When things are bad (Bad Indicators heavily visible) putting a body on the gallows is very salutary. We call it “Putting a head on a pike”. Too many BAD Indicators and too goofed up a situation and we must put a head on a pike. Then things simmer down and we can begin to get tech in…

‘When there are lots of bad indicators about — low and falling statistics, goofed cases, we get very handy with our Interrogatories and put the place very nearly under martial law – we call this a State of Emergency.

‘Once Emergency is declared, you usually have to put a head or two on a pike to convince people that you mean it. After that necessity level rises and the place straightens up…

BAD TECH – When results just don’t happen in the Academy, HGC or Review one or another, look for the Potential Trouble Sources and Suppressives. Only they can keep tech out. Put a big head on a pike and then begin to interrogate every slip in the place. Suddenly Tech is in again.’ — HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 MAY 1965 Issue II, INDICATORS OF ORGS

“Like Mr. Hubbard, Mr. Miscavige also feels that putting a head on a pike is salutary and serves as a warning to Staff and Publics alike to step up their production and contributions to the Church of Scientology.”