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Scientology Businessmen Jeff & Jim Spina Awarded the “LRH Honesty in Business” Award

Scientology brothers and OTVIII’s Jeff and Jim Spina have been awarded the prestigious L. Ron Hubbard Honesty in Business Award at the annual WISE Labor Day Luncheon and Victory Ceremony.

“The Spina brothers along with their staff members and fellow Scientologists Kimberly Spina and Andrea Grossman run a very high volume chiropractic business that literally treats hundreds of patients each day,” said WISE Executive Director Mr. Ken Delusion. “That the Spina brothers are able to treat so many patients is a tribute to the remarkable efficiency of L. Ron Hubbard’s business technology.”

The Spina’s business partner Dr. Charles Bagley was unable to attend the awards ceremony due to being unavoidably detained in a meeting in New York City.