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Dave Miscavige: Songs of Scientology Rhapsody


The Chairman of Blue Eyed Soul is the only way to describe the music of Dave Miscavige,” said Golden Era Records VP Ken Delusion.

“And that’s why we at Golden Era were so happy to ink Dave Miscavige to a five album deal — and when we say ‘album’ we mean a good ol’ 33 1/3 vinyl lp, this to accommodate the fact that Scientology parishioners prefer to only purchase technologies that were around in the 1950’s. These people are still very hostile to cassette tapes for chrissakes.”

“In Songs of Scientology Rhapsody, Dave lays down twelve soulful tracks in his distinctive cigarette-flavored voice, including his international smash hit YSCOHB.”

Playlist Side One:
Theta Bop
Black Five Case
You’re My Held Down Seven
Lock the Bitch Up
Beat You Black and Blue Babe

Playlist Side Two:
Tom Cruise On My Mind
Satan in My Pants
Slap Those PC’s Stupid
Shelly Who?
Hungover on the Freewinds (Again)
Stalled OT7 Blues